“My first experience with acupuncture was a winner! It was so relaxing and George was so great with explaining everything! You could see the passion in his work. I will be back!” ~Stacey M.

“First timer, came in with some nerves but George was super relaxing and informative.” ~Koby V.

“I went to the chiropractor a few days after my last acupuncture & Tui Na session with you, and he noticed that most of my chronic complaints were resolved & my alignment was way better than usual. He asked if I got any bodywork over the wkd & I said yes. He smiled & said, “Whoever worked on you, you’d better go back and see them again!” Yay…” ~Lisa T.

“I was just cleaning out my cabinets and found some protein powder I bought a year ago at this time and realized, about a year ago is when your expertise successfully turned my eating around and totally changed me and my body. So Happy Healthy Eating anniversary. This salad I’m about to make is in your honor. :)” ~Mandie P.

“I am a competitive cyclist and George has done a wonderful job keeping me limber and working out any kinks I may have week to week. George does a great job of monitoring my progress each week.  I don’t hop right up on the table, he typically wants to see my mobility first and know what I did the previous week in terms of exercise and stretching.” ~Tommy F.

“There are few people in this world that are as easy to talk to as George.  Our meeting was random but so very fortuitous.  George’s understanding of the human body seems intuitive.  The ease with which he addresses problems of the body and spirit via acupuncture and massage serve to further the wonderful sense of calm one experiences when under his care.  After a solid year of change and hardship I started to see George for treatment.  In my darkest hour, when I was physically and emotionally taxed to the point of breaking, George helped me to re-center and maintain focus through acupuncture/massage tailored to my body.  For whatever twist of fate, energy, or divine will that brought George and me together I am eternally thankful.” ~Carlina M.

“As a lifetime athlete, I know the importance of optimal physical fitness and know that in order to achieve it one has to take good care of ones body in and out.  Seldom in my career did I find fitness experts with the perfect blend of nutrition, exercise and body maintenance knowledge.  George Tabares is just that. His legit and optimal expertise and care helped me achieve speedy and total recoveries from injuries endured along the way.” ~Felipe R. ~Capoeira Evolução

“Most people always consider it very important to have a trustworthy and knowledgeable mechanic for their car, and once you find that person, you stick with them. George is like that for the musculoskeletal system. If something is acting up, he not only fixes it, but helps you learn how to prevent and heal it the next time.” ~Jennifer M.

“You are amazing…all the pain is GONE. My wrist feels great…and I was honestly in a lot of pain.” ~Lisa M.

“I went to George for a massage to help alleviate my knee pain & carpal tunnel. I started off being very tense & left without tension & more relaxed. My knees were not popping as loud & the pain on my wrists was reduced. Thank you again George. I would definitely recommend him for bodywork.” ~Martha M.

“Just thought you should know…I just put on a pair of pants that I haven’t worn probably in a couple years and not only do they fit, but might even be a bit baggy. Crazy how I can be 10 lbs over where I used to be but can still fit in the same clothes. I know I tell this to my clients all the time, but it just feels so good experiencing it.
Wanted to say thanks. I am really happy with our results. It just makes me want to work that much harder.” ~Deborah P.

“George and I began our massage careers together at the Body Mind College. Since then he has been studying and practicing many massage modalities.  He is an absolutely amazing practitioner, highly respected and proficient.  He looks at the body through a complete perspective, not simply focusing on a few tight muscles.  He believes our current aches and pains are from old injuries and continue to be aggravated by our current lifestyle and for some from inactivity.  He assesses your movement, posture, body type, activities, and previous injuries to customize a result oriented massage.  He utilizes Tui Na, Shiatsu, Sports and Deep tissue massage, and Circulatory.”  ~Deb D.

“I really appreciate all you’ve taught me about nutrition and form.” ~Pamela D.

“When my regular workouts were not getting me the results I wanted, I decided to get a personal trainer. I was a little apprehensive at first, not knowing what to expect, but George made me feel completely at ease. From there he formatted a workout and diet plan around my specific goals. After just a few sessions with George, I noticed a positive difference in my body. When I became pregnant he adjusted the sessions accordingly, and after my delivery I was able to get back into shape quicker. Not only was George a wonderful personal trainer, he became a good friend as well.” ~Carri O.

“Thanks for a great massage! I have to tell you that I had no leg cramps last night! What a relief!” ~Sonya Z.

“I had never worked out with a personal trainer before and was a little nervous when I was first getting started. George put me at ease immediately and really listened to my concerns in a friendly and professional manner. He created a program that worked for me in producing the results I desired. We began by going over my goals and discussing how my workouts had been in the past. I knew that I wanted to have more muscle tone and endure longer cardio workouts. I also knew that I wanted to create a healthy diet that didn’t feel like a “diet.” George helped me with all of this.He checked in with me every training session to see how I was implementing my new workout routines and eating plan. He made adjustments whenever necessary, never being attached to what my workout should be. He showed me alternative exercises that I could do if something hurt or didn’t feel right. I always felt that George was attuned to what was going on with me during our sessions. Even now that it has been two years, I am still utilizing many of the techniques that I have learned from George. I have become more aware of my body and how it works. I have learned the importance of getting proper rest and nutrition. I have become inspired by the difference I feel when I am in shape and eating healthy. I am grateful for the training that I did with George and I would recommend him to anybody.” ~Melissa M.

“Just wanted to thank you for all of your help. Thanks to you I have learned a lot and feel much more prepared for training. I’ve had sessions with other trainers and have watched them work with other people. I feel lucky to have worked with you.” ~Melissa O.


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