Bigger Weights Smaller Bodies

Ever noticed that the leanest people in the gym are usually men? It’s no coincidence. The simple fact that they have more testosterone than women gives most men a one up on weight loss. Most individuals with weight loss goals will lighten up the weights they are lifting because they feel that they might “bulk up.” This is a myth to say the least. It takes a very particular type of genetics to merely lift weights and become bigger. If a normal person lifts heavier weights and becomes noticeably larger it is most likely due to an accompanied increase in calories. In fact lower reps and bigger weight stimulates the body to burn more calories in less time, maintain muscle and increase in bone density. This is especially important when restricting calories. Caloric restriction tells the body that it should adapt to the amount of food it is allowed and decrease the size of everything it is composed of. Reduced calories in combination with weight training signals the body to burn fat and maintain muscle. The end result is a balanced, lean, and shapely physique.

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