Plyometrics are a training phase that can be incorporated after a sound strength training foundation has been laid. Plyometrics are the result of strength produced at an accelerated rate. They improve overall performance and can be seen in nearly every athletic move. To start your own program follow a few simple rules in every workout.

1. At the beginning go moderate and easy with a focus on form.

2. Then concentrate on explosive movements.

3.  Always have control in landing or maneuvering.

Good exercises that can be incorporated into drills include jogging or step-ups to warm-up, easy skipping or hopping, one-legged hops, hopping to a platform, and tossing a weighted ball away from you. Try modifying with side to side, backward, and spinning movements. Repetition schemes can be done in reps, as well as for short distances. Rest between intervals or sequences should be 1 to 2 minutes.

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