Erect Posture
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Muscles burn calories and become stronger with use, no matter what… What if they worked synergistically with the core, or chose not to? The “core” can be the center of anything functioning or not. The core in the body is an area that forces are transferred and reciprocated through. For example, when taking a step in running the legs work predominantly. From here forces are transferred through the pelvis up through the diaphragm and spine out ward and around the back and shoulders the skull, similar to the way shoe laces keep your feet secure. Forces are appropriately transferred when posture, breath and proper running or lifting form are in sync. So the next question is are we in sync? If the body moves effortlessly without constraint or pain, in ‘good’ posture with a consistent breath, then more than likely you are in sync. If the body does not move fluidly, fatigues easily especially more on one side, and is generally in pain, and has difficulty breathing then the core area is probably not being utilized efficiently. Using the previously mentioned points to help confirm this, you can also have someone look objectively at you from the front, back, side. When standing still, do your ears sit over your shoulders, shoulders above your hips with a minimal amount of sway or rotation? Do your knees follow your toes in movement? Can you draw a straight line from your forehead down your neck and torso to the point between you ankles? If so these you probably line up well and feel efficient in most movement. Additionally an objective professional opinion may help considerably.

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