Gua Sha and Cupping

Gua sha and cupping are two therapeutic methods used commonly with Asian bodywork and acupuncture, or as stand-alone modalities. They improve qi flow by facilitating the removal of stagnated blood and lymph, allowing the body to process toxins, reducing pain and swelling, and positively affecting the immune system. Gua sha and cupping can relieve pain … Continue reading Gua Sha and Cupping


Headaches are one of the most common types of pain and one of the most frequent causes of presentation to physicians and clinics. They are also known as cephalgias and may present as isolated phenomena, or can be seen as a symptom of a variety of acute or chronic diseases. Three-fourths of all adults experience … Continue reading Headaches


From here forces are transferred through the pelvis up through the diaphragm and spine out ward and around the back and shoulders the skull, similar to the way shoe laces keep your feet secure.

Improving Neck Placement in Movement

For most of us we will look in the mirror and see the same person every day. We may neglect the fact that our ability to notice cumulative change diminishes. If we sit for extended periods of time our body will start to sink or slouch which allows our head to move forward. A person's … Continue reading Improving Neck Placement in Movement