The Time is Now!

Because you want to have a happy, healthy and successful year, you need to do a few things correctly right from the beginning.

Here is your short and to-the-point list:

Family jump
Image by Evil Erin via Flickr

1. GET OUT THERE AND BE SEEN. Every day, you need to do something that shows your potential and determination to succeed. This means you need to hit the trails, walk the dog, participate in a class, fly solo in the gym or scream from a mountain top. Be relentless!

2. BE PROLIFIC. Don’t get bored, no one is ordinary, it’s too early for plateaus and fat is not a limitation it is potential energy. Be dynamic and achieve.

3. RAISE YOUR GAME. Think about “what level” you worked and played at last year. Now, envision the next level. That’s where you need to be. Surround yourself with better people. Let go of last year’s crap. Demand more of yourself, and the people in your life. If someone is dragging you down, and is not supportive, you have the right to fire them as a friend, associate, pet, and even a family member.

4. LIVE FOR THE NOW. But last year – is just that – It is last year. Appreciate what you do now and let it fuel your future.

After you have decided to do the above items, and move in this direction there is no stopping you.

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