TCM Spring Training

This year has brought much change in the world and continuous perceptions of disharmony which sound nutrition and lifestyle may not relieve quickly. Strong emotions may affect digestion, causing stomach butterflies or bloating, acid regurgitation diarrhea and/or stomach pain. A Chinese formula that has made its way into Western use is called Xiao Yao San or “Free and Easy Wanderer”.


Mitochondria are called the “powerhouses” of our cells. They provide our body’s energy needs from food constituents and help to regulate metabolism. You can maximize their energy production and capacity by increasing aerobic exercise or higher rep resistance training (12+ reps or circuit training). High intensity exercise, at about 80% of you MHR (Maximum Heart … Continue reading Powerhouses

Compound vs. Single Joint Exercises

In order to maximize the benefit of resistance training it is important to first choose exercises that give you the most overall benefit. Compound exercises refer to the involvement of more than one joint per movement and all muscles in between making them more functional, while Single Joint exercises do as the name implies. For … Continue reading Compound vs. Single Joint Exercises