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Acupressure is a natural, drug free, healing system that has been effectively utilized for centuries. It is a healing touch that is something between massage and acupuncture. Acupressure shares the same points and meridians in treatment as acupuncture. Common forms that are utilized today in the US include Chinese Tui Na , Japanese Shiatsu , Chinese Anmo, and various derivatives known as reflexology. Well trained practitioners can alleviate pain, improve digestion, help with anxiety and depression as well as generating a sense of well being. In an athletes regime acupressure can benefit by increasing circulation and endorphins, decreasing pain, restoring musculo-skeletal alignment, boosting recovery time and “clearing” the mind, thereby increasing performance.
Literal translations: Tui Na means “push grasp”, Shiatsu means “finger pressure”, Anmo means “pressing and rubbing.”

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    1. Thanks, acupressure mats. I will admit that I have not tried your product, but firmly believe that proactive participation from patients is imperative to their healing process.

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